Easy Touch?Pink style?

Easy Touch?Pink style? 3.5.3

?????What is EasyTouch?

?????What is EasyTouch?

?????What is EasyTouch?

- EasyTouch Not a Widget!

- EasyTouch is an assistant manipulation tool for your Android phone and it's All Free!

- It floats on your phone screen so that you can easily access all setting with one touch.Also you can hide it with a long press

- It's better,more powerful and funtional than assistive touch of iPhone.

?????What EasyTouch can do?

EasyTouch provides the easiest way to:

- Quick settings(Change your phone settings like turn on Wifi, change screen brightness and so on).

- Set and quick open your favorite app.

- Go to Home Screen.

- Lock Screen(sorry for some problems on some Sumsang Galaxy model and some specific Android OS).

- App list.

- Open recent task(double click).

- Memory clean and optimize

- Time display

- Clean cache

- Back button(need Root support).

- Menu button(need Root support).

?????Quick switch includes:

- Brightness

- Ringer mode

- Bluetooth

- WiFi


- APN(Mobile Data)

- Auto rotation

- Flashlight

- Air-plane mode

- Volume

?????EasyTouch theme

- EasyTouch provides varieties of themes to decorate your phone desktop.

- A lot of themes are FREE download.

- Each theme is not an APK, so you dont have to install it.Just download and click to change.

- iPhone's iOS assistive touch doesn't provide theme change.

iPhone is the trademark of Apple Inc.

iOS is the system of iPhone,iPad,belongs to Apple Inc.



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Easy Touch?Pink style?


Easy Touch?Pink style? 3.5.3

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